Fully Charged
Fully Charged Live @ Sky Garden Bali 16th June 2017

Fully Charged Live @ Sheraton Muscat 31st Dec 2016

Fully Charged Live @ Karma Athlone 18th January 2017


Halfmoon Festival (Ko Pha Ngan) 24th September 2016

Sky Garden Bali 19th March 2016

Ministry Of Sound London Uk 04th December 2015

Judgement Eden Ibiza

Escape Gravity Liverpool UK 28th November 2015

Paradis Manila (Philippines) 14th November 2015

Halfmoon Festival (Ko Pha Ngan) 06th November 2015

Cameo Bournemouth UK 01st August 2015

Halfmoon Festival (Ko Pha Ngan) 23rd June 2015

The Club Bangkok 24th June 2015

Florida Night Club Nairobi 15th May 2015